FLUIWAVE is the innovative technology for fitness tools that changes completely the inner concept of training. The special fluid inside makes every exercise reactive and more efficient: the unpredictable movement of the liquid guides dynamically every movement during the exercise, causing a continuous interference that entails a constant body and brain adaptation and so a higher neuro-muscular reaction.

The structure, totally healthy, crushproof ad literally unbreakable, is totally leak-proof and it is tested not to break even when squeezed by an 8tons truck or when falling from 10mt building. First PUMP, BALL and KETTLE in the world FLUID INSIDE and SOFT IMPACT, ready to be used everywhere because safer for the user and for those around, reducing dramatically the risk of injuries and zero damages for furniture and floors.

The only dynamic medicine ball to burn up to 500 calories



Innovative medicine ball with internal dynamic fluid

Reax Ball revolutionizes functional training because it is the only ball in the world with internal fluid that makes it dynamically unstable.
More versatile and effective than a traditional ball, it allows countless exercises with a greater calories consumption and greater muscle involvement.

The only dynamic and most effective pump, safe & soft shock



Innovative Soft Shock Pump Barbell

Reax Fluipump is the first barbell in the world with variable and unstable load that has the “Fluid inside” system that revolutionizes the pump.

The patented “Sudden Dynamic Impulse” technology, generates a plurality of motor stimuli and interferences that push the body to a much higher muscle activation than that obtained with a normal barbell.

The only soft impact Kettlebell: zero damage on arms and floors



Innovativa kettlebell fluid inside & soft impact

Reax Kettle is the innovative and dynamic kettlebell because it is the only one with internal fluid that enhances the effectiveness of each exercise, from the simplest to the most advanced.

It’s elastic because externally soft and shockproof: it can be used safely even in small spaces, at home or outdoors.


FLEXWAVE is the patented technology internationally awarded for the extraordinary innovation that evolves the traditional training protocols. The flexibility of the shape and structure of our equipment allows to experiment new and versatile training exercises that stimulate and involve in a reactive way the entire neuromuscular system.

First flexible weights in the world, the FLEXWAVE tools can replace many traditional training equipment adding the neuro-reactive component that makes any session more intense and efficient but also intuitive and progressive. The special internal metal thread guarantees flexibility but crushproof even after extreme uses, while the external thread, soft touch and waterproof, makes it extremely safe for people and objects and so highly suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The only flexible & wearable weight: 5 tools in 1 for endless workout



The only patented flexible and wereable weight in the world

The flexibility of the weight allows continuous stimulation during the training so to generate a higher body response, enhancing any training.

The result is greater metabolic consumption and more complete muscle activation generated by the continuous modification of the tool.