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Winning Features

Soft Impact

It can be thrown, lifted and slammed to the ground without damaging surfaces: in this way, you can use it in any environment. The softness significantly reduces the impact on surfaces and for this reason it can be used with ease even at home or in small spaces.

Resistant & Non-Deformable

It is also suitable for outdoor training because it is sturdy and it does not fear any kind of “mistreatment”: its structure remains unchanged for a long time.

Easy To Clean & Sanitize

Thanks to its special waterproof plastic surface, it can be easily washed and sanitized with antibacterial detergent.

Practical & Space-Saving

Easy to carry and space-saving, with Fluikettle you can take functional training anywhere: in the peace of your own home or in outdoor spaces.

Italian Quality

Designed and made in Italy with the best materials.

Training Results

Reax Kettle is suitable for functional training and motor reeducation of beginner or advanced level users and for the preparation of amateur sportsmen and professional athletes.

With its dynamic load, it goes beyond the usual functional training and it contributes more effectively and quickly to:

  • Develop strength and endurance
  • Improve sports performance
  • Increase balance and stability
  • Increase coordination
  • Increase energy consumption
  • Decrease the risk of injuries