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REAX PUMP is composed of three elements that can also be used separately: a bar and two balls which are not simple weights but elastic balls with a variable quantity of internal fluid which determines their weight.

Reax Pump Configurations

5 kg | 7,5 kg | 10 kg | 12,5 kg | 15 kg | 11 lb | 16,5 lb | 22 lb | 27,5 lb | 33 lb |

Reax Pump Ball

1,25 kg | 2,5 kg | 5 kg | 2,75 lb | 5,5 lb | 11 lb |

Reax Pump Bar

2,5 kg | 5 kg | 5,5 lb | 11 lb |

Winning Features


Thanks to its elastic nature, it is a unique functional tool of its kind: it can be used in complete safety and it can be thrown, lifted or slammed without damaging the surfaces.

Versatile & Modular

Different weights and configurations allow to customize each training program, enhancing any exercise compared to standard products.

Simple & Progressive

Intuitive and multipurpose, it allows a new approach to Functional training or Pump, for athletes or users of various training levels and of all ages.


Italian design and quality guarantee ergonomics and functionality to a tool that is beautiful to look at, surprising to use and built to last.

Easy To Transport & Space Saving

Robust and easy to clean, it is perfect for workouts in indoor spaces such as home and gym, but also outdoor in parks or playgrounds.